I just got Split Second for pc and want to play it with the xbox 360 controller, because, let’s face it-keyboard such as for racing games… I have a xbox wireless controller and the rechargeable battery pack for it. I really don’t wanna pay goddamn microsoft for a receiver that should be free… Is there any way I can get by buying one?


No you can’t. The receiver is the only thing that will work. The cable from the Play and Charge kit will only charge to battery pack. Why should it be free anyway? It’s not like you’re trying to use it on your 360 and have to buy the receiver first. You’re using it for something extra so you have to pay to make it work. The xbox controller packaged as Games for Windows wireless controllers come with the receiver. Seems pretty fair to me.

umm there is no way u can do it with the xbox 360 wireless controller without the wireless receiver. If u have a rechargeable battery pack with a usb port just hook up the usb to your PC. Otherwise u either need to buy a wireless receiver or buy a wired controller. Here is the one i bought its cheapest but the most hardest to get used.Or u can still buy that receiver. hope this helped. loll .